About Us LUDOS Gaming

Find a career you love, and you'll never work a day in your life…

And this is absolutely true! We have the best job in the world: we help people to have fun offering them a customized gaming experience.

My name is Erion, a European man living in China. I’ve been working in the IT, electronics, and e-commerce sector for several years. My business partners Max and Enrico and I share the same passion for gaming, and from this was born the idea of bringing innovation in the market of gaming devices.

Like all other gamers, we needed products that could go beyond the simple and standard characteristics of the products on the market. We thought of a Pro Product. To be able to realize such product, we need a Pro gamer’s opinion, or better saying, many opinions from many Pro gamers from all around Europe.

That’s how LUDOS was born. We have the intention to involve as many players as possible in the developing process of the product. Every opinion and every feedback are crucial to us as they help us to improve more and more. A simple but golden rule.

Our golden rule is based on the following principles:

  • After the initial prototyping in the development process, we involve expert players (our collaborators) from all around Europe. We send them samples of our products in order to receive a feedback.
  • According to their feedback, we work on the product and we send it again to collaborators. This process goes on until we receive a positive confirmation by all of them.
  • Once the product is confirmed, the final production process starts.

This simple but effective procedure allows us to meet all our customers’needs and requirements. Moreover, we live in China, and this allows us to optimize the production process creating durable and quality products at low prices.

There are only few companies that can intervene on the production system in such a meticulous way. There’s only one that takes into account opinions of players like you.

Thank you for choosing our team!

LUDOS, we have fun together.